constuction plans blue print
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Construction Management Done Right

Many things can go wrong during the construction process. The good news is that most of these problems most likely have an easy solution that will get your project back...

Shopping Center Construction
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Mall Construction: A Thing of The Past?

With the rise of e-commerce, many consider shopping malls to be a thing of the past. Some of these centers are permanently closing due to various reasons. With this in...

Construction Planning
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Common Construction Planning Mistakes

When you start creating a plan for a construction project, it could be easy to get carried away. After all, it can be exciting to start! However, it is still...

Construction Project
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What You Can Expect During Your Construction Project

So, you are starting your very first construction project. Congratulations! This experience is exciting and challenging but more than worth the effort. When you hire our team of construction experts...

AEC Industry
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AEC Industry: What You Need To Know

People who are involved in the AEC industry are all wondering what to expect out of 2021, as well as predict the challenges that may lie ahead. Assessing the market...

real estate house
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An Anticipatory View Of The Real Estate Industry In 2021

Glenn Ebersole The world of 2019 evolved beyond anyone’s wildest imagination in 2020 and continues to evolve in 2021. We have witnessed an exponential growth of technology being deployed in...

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Design-Build Delivery Method For Construction Projects: Fact and fiction

Below is an article by Glenn Ebersole published in the Reading Eagle Business Weekly: Design-Build in the "Building Insights" Column on January 12, 2021. The construction industry continues to be...

Commercial Foundation
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Commercial Foundation Contractor – Don’t Settle

How often do you think about a building's foundation? Not the origin story, but the actual concrete foundation that supports the building. The answer is likely not too often. It's...

commercial contractor services
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Reasons For Hiring The Services of A Commercial Contractor

Commercial contractors perform many varied functions, including building and renovation services on commercial projects. The construction projects may include schools, shopping centers, office buildings, and roads. Other contractors focus on...

AEC Industry
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What the AEC Industry Will See in 2021

Below is an article by Glenn Ebersole published in the Lehigh Valley Business Journal and the Central Penn Business Journal on November 9, 2020. Members of the AEC (Architectural, Engineering...