Commercial Foundation Contractor – Don’t Settle

Commercial Foundation Contractor – Don’t Settle

Commercial Foundation

How often do you think about a building’s foundation? Not the origin story, but the actual concrete foundation that supports the building. The answer is likely not too often. It’s interesting in life how the things that support us are often forgotten. It may be as simple as “out of sight, out of mind” or it may be something deeper. A great commercial foundation contractor never underestimates the importance of a building’s foundation.

Commercial Foundation ContractorThe Foundation of Everything

“The wise man built his house upon the rock”. This idea has rung true for millennia, and for good reason. Without a strong foundation, nothing can stand. The word foundation has immense metaphorical significance. The foundation is that which everything else builds upon. A foundation can be the genesis of an idea, or the guiding principle underpinning a movement.

When someone starts an organization, they become the founder. When we speak about our “founding fathers” we are talking about those who built our nation. Humans revere foundations in our speech, our actions, and our stories. The best commercial foundation contractors understand and apply this to practical reality. Make sure your building’s foundation construction is of the highest quality possible. If your foundation fails, everything fails.


Building Foundations are a Big Deal

Building foundations are more than concrete deep, too. A great commercial foundation contractor must consider the surrounding environment as well. They must address things like soil composition, water tables, root systems, and more. If they overlook any of these aspects, disaster awaits. For example, if the soil contains too much moisture, it may cause the foundation to crack. If the water freezes in the soil, it expands. This expansion may shift the foundation and lead to damage. Escaping water may also cause problems as the drying soil compresses.

It should be obvious that a cracked foundation is not good. While some cracks are not a real threat, others can cause big problems. Not only does a cracked foundation put your building at risk, but it can also be very expensive to fix. Beyond the cost of repair, it means you will likely have to shut your building down during the repair. If your business income is dependent on your building, that means less money coming in and a big chunk going out.

Commercial foundation contractors make sure the ground is level and well-compacted. If the concrete is not given the right time and conditions to cure, it won’t have proper strength. If the concrete isn’t poured in a single interval of time, it will also lose its strength. These “cold joints” do not bond in the same way and are likely to leak and crack. Concrete is often reinforced with rebar or wire for more strength. This also helps prevent cracking and the consequences thereof.

Why You Need a Great Commercial Foundation Contractor


RCS ConstructionAs you can see, a commercial building foundation is an involved process. It is a whole lot more than digging a hole and pouring some concrete. For such an important job, you don’t want to compromise. You need the best commercial foundation contractor you can find. You need a company like RCS Construction. We have built shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Get the long-lasting high-quality you need for your commercial building foundation. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business.


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