Ground Up High Rise & Mixed Use in Pennsylvania

Ground Up High Rise Construction & Mixed Use Development

RCS Construction builds high rises from the ground up while also being able to build them or other building structures for mixed-used. We have built many high rises including hospitals, shopping centers and living quarters. Of course, when having all of these types of business together one area, it creates a sense of community where everyone that’s there feel and treated like family which can build long-lasting relationships with others. We here at RCS Construction hope that you carefully consider choosing us to help you build your next construction project as we know what it takes to help you succeed.

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One of the benefits that we do our best to create our ground up and high rise development is to develop a very strong neighborhood between individuals as well as businesses. The individuals tend to be awesome tenants for they have the income to live a high-class lifestyle and the business can provide a high-quality service to them such as better access to healthy foods, clean water, and premium products. In essence, this creates a harmonious relationship. Other benefits we tend to create are close-knit walkable and bikeable areas and easily accessible transportation which saves everyone the community transportation costs. This is the ambiance that we want to develop because of our expertise in ground up high rise and mixed-use development.

Some of these have been required to be mixed use which takes careful consideration when planning. With over three decades of experience, we know what it takes to get the construction job done. Because the projects we partake in are enormous in nature, everything that we do is planned in every detail. A development such as this cannot be done haphazardly and at RCS Construction give out 100% of our energy to make sure the projects that we partner with other business are at a premium. RCS Construction specializes in all sorts of construction, connecting you with a team of highly trained professional engineers and architects to provide you the best construction services available. As a construction company, we will always have a pulse on the architectural industry and to continuously improve our craftsmanship and skill.

The kinds of structures used for high-rise buildings have to meet the lateral load operation criteria outlined previously, and they must be reasonably efficient in using material and of reasonable cost. The best high-rise construction would meet the lateral load criteria using no more substance that is required for carrying out the building gravity load alone. In different words, it would not have any premium for elevation. The high-rise construction is generally defined as one that is taller than the height which people are ready to walk up. It consequently requires mechanical vertical transport such as an elevator. A type that has appeared recently is the mixed-use building, which includes varying amounts of residential, office, hotel, or industrial area. High-rise buildings are among the biggest buildings built, and their unit costs are comparatively large. Their office and commercial functions call for a high amount of flexibility.

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