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RCS Construction’s commercial general contractors have a wide variety of experience working with private owners, high-end restaurant clients, national chain restaurant franchisees, and QSR restaurant owners. We are proud leaders in the restaurant construction design industry, and take pride in our pristine restaurants to scale. As industry leaders, our clients are our first priority. Through our strategic planning and workflow, we ensure that we create an efficient restaurant construction project in a timely manner. Our team of proficiently trained architects and engineers lay the foundation for projects. From there, our team of highly skilled craftsmen complete the work based on your specifications set out during our pre-planning phase. Whether you are renovating an older building, remodeling a current establishment, or designing a completely new building from scratch, count on our team of commercial general contractors and their wide range of experience to complete the job from site analysis, budget strategy, and construction blueprints. This process will take up to 4 to 6 months from start to finish. Because of our many years in the construction business and our attention to detail, we can confidently say that our work speaks for themselves. Check out some examples or see all of our projects by clicking ‘see our projects’ below.

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Restaurant construction is broken down into two distinct regions, what is called “back of house” and “front of house”. “Front of house” restaurant construction encompasses all of the front facing design work visible to their guests. This includes the exterior, dining rooms, bars, eating counters, and public restrooms. “Back of house” restaurant construction covers the internal kitchen of the restaurant for the staff to operate in. Kitchen construction typically contains the installation of a cook line, dishwasher, fridge, and three-compartment sink. These two terms are the primary differentiators between restaurant buildings and business projects. Our commercial general contractor team are experts in all facets of restaurant construction and are knowledgeable about all the regulations that restaurants are required to meet. From your walk in refrigerator to the color of your bathroom, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that every portion of your restaurant complies with crucial codes and is to your design and liking.

Some important compliances to consider during restaurant construction:

  • Parking with appropriate accessibility signage
  • Paths to building entrance free of measures
  • Entryways with accepted door hardware
  • Wheelchair-accessible chairs

RCS Construction has been working in the restaurant construction industry for over 30 years. The top priority of our commercial general contractors is working together with our customers to reflect their vision. Whether we are given a vague idea or a full layout, we pride ourselves in creating a restaurant that is fully customized, and compliant with all regulations and guidelines. Construction guidelines are primarily set our by the ADA and primarily pertain to accessibility. Other guidelines include, but are not limited to: specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) work so as to guarantee the kitchen is operational and meets all of the essential security and health codes, compliance with county health departments, the department of building and safety, as well as the fire marshall. 

We will do whatever it takes to cover all grounds in your restaurant construction project. If you are a business that’s interested to start your restaurant construction project presently. please contact us. Our team of skilled and experienced construction managers will handle your project at the utmost care.

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