The Basics of Retail Construction Services

The Basics of Retail Construction Services

retail construction services

Retail construction is a relatively simple concept to understand. When it comes to building and renting retail spaces there are certain obligations that the builder has to the tenants and vice versa. Basic retail construction means the building of a space that is either finished on the interior or left for the tenant to complete. When a company as RCS Construction provides retail construction services for your project, we generally have an idea of what type of business and tenant you will be hosting when the building is complete. With this in mind, our builders and commercial general contractors basically construct your building to the specifications that we believe, from our experience, will best fit the type of business that may be housed within the building.

For example, a company that wants to attract restaurants to their retail construction project will likely structure their project to reflect the needs of restaurant space such as adding rooms like restrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and utility closets to mimic the interior of a restaurant. For companies that want to attract stores, they may build large showrooms and stocking rooms.

For businesses that do not have a preconceived notion about what type of business may be housed in the building, it is always better for them to build only the outer layers and structure. This means building four walls with space inside that can be customized by the renter or tenant when they start renting the space. This type of build is beneficial for businesses that have a highly specialized style or that have special needs when it comes to space. Though this is good if you want an incredibly custom space for your business, it is also a bit pricier than renting a completed space.

Tenant build-outs are a process by which the tenant rents or purchases a building that has been zoned for commercial use and they complete the interior of the building themselves. This can include painting, flooring, lighting, any extra rooms, furnishing, and any other sort of customization that they require. Because they provide the finishing touches to the building, it is no longer the responsibility of the retail construction company to complete the building unless they are contracted to do so by the tenant. The price of rental and other fees may change after the building has been completed and there is also the possibility that the retail building owner can essentially purchase the completion from the tenant should they vacate the building.

Questions You Should Ask Any Retail General Contractor

Before recruiting them for a buildout, remodeling or renovation, here are five questions you can ask any retail construction firm:

Will you have an insurance policy account?

Interestingly, there are also general contractors that do not have a license. If you employ a general contractor without a license, in case anything negative happens, you can not go to the licensing board of your state to obtain the bond or file a lawsuit. If the general contractor or one of his subcontractors causes damage to your office, employees, or company, insurance is necessary. Request insurance evidence from the general contractor.

Many insurance firms issue insurance certificates which can be copied and submitted to you by the general contractor as evidence of their insurance cover. You’ll just want to be sure the insurance policy coverage limits are adequate to cover any unexpected risk. On the other hand, a bond does operate differently from an insurance policy. If the general contractor fails on you before finishing the job, an impartial third party will use the bond money to recover the costs.

Do you have any experience in the kind of commercial space I’m searching for? 

Once again, commercial space has several different forms. There are many different styles of industrial design patterns, including inside the white-collar office settings. You’ll need a general commercial contractor who has knowledge with the exact design pattern you’re looking for.

Do you have references? 

You’ll want the general commercial contractor to provide you with references to previous clients on similar projects to yours. Ignore these guides, and name them. A bit of follow-up work here later will avoid a world of damage. A big question to ask any reference is, “Has this general contractor been on schedule with your project and on a budget?

Can you provide me with a comprehensive list of the nature of things for this job? 

This helps you to compare apples to apples as different companies match bids. Some contractors omit those products which they know you will ultimately need to bid for the lowest possible price. Not always the lowest bid means the lowest offer.

Can you oversee the contractors every day at the job site? 

One of a general contractor’s key duties is to be on-site in handling the subcontractors and in addressing issues as they occur. Therefore you pay them. If they’re not on the spot, so they’re not a general contractor.



If you’re looking for a skillful, experienced, and professional Commercial General Contractor to build your next retail construction project, you should definitely consider RCS Construction. When it comes to retail construction services, we have a proven track record of happy customers, following the successive stages of modern construction, and the ability to take your ideas and transform them to life. Sit down with our Commercial General Contractors at RCS Construction and let’s discuss your building project ideas in depth so we can see your vision and bring your design plan to life. Contact us to learn more about the industries we serve, our commercial construction services, and the planning and design resources we offer.

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