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Shopping Center Construction in Philadelphia, PA

RCS Construction works with property owners and management companies all across the United States to bring them the best-built shopping center construction designs and layouts. Our shopping center developers are professional and will ensure your shopping center is on time with our time management, meticulous craftsmanship, and 100% attention to detail. We believe here at RCS Construction that by combining your business and our expertise in shopping center construction, we will present an exquisite yet relaxing shopping experience for your customers. With our construction design expertise, we will create a layout and design that will captivate your guests with every visit. We believe that modern architecture is a unique and breathtaking art form that should always be a part of our everyday lives. Paired with your business, your guests will come away with a unique and exquisite shopping experience that they will not soon forget. Treat your customers and guests to an unforgettable journey while shopping with RCS Construction.


What RCS Construction Builds:


  • Modern, persuasive shopping center construction projects designed to optimize customer participation
  • Retail store and shopping center construction projects in all sizes and configurations
  • Tenant improvements, build-outs, ground-up facilities, facade remodels, and beautification projects for landscape, streetscape, or hardscape.
  • Job capabilities in a community center, fashion/ specialty center, gym center, community center, power center, regional center, super regional center, or theme/festival center
  • Customized projects to satisfy your particular requirements; such as pre-construction preparation, building management, design-build, facility upkeep and sustainability options.


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    It is our mission to give your customers the best shopping experience possible. Our shopping center construction services aim to create a community space for your customers to capture precious memories with family and friends. At RCS Construction, we are experts in optimizing your shopping center projects for customer participation. Not only will your guests feel a sense of confidence when arriving at your center, they will never forget your brand and professional presence. Throughout their shopping experience, your customers will feel empowered and confident while they partake in the vast selection of goods and services that your establishment provides. Our goal is to help you elevate your business to give your customer the shopping experience of a lifetime and keep them coming back.


    Architectual Expertise


    At RCS Construction, we are a forward-thinking shopping center construction company and are always looking to the future when it comes to shopping mall plans, designs, and development.  We want our architectural expertise to have a more personalized, authentic, and brand-able interaction with the new breed of shoppers. As the millennial generation continues to become the most significant demographic, the growth of shopping center construction is not slowing down.In fact, the growth of shopping center construction is still growing at an accelerated rate, and it is our priority to make sure your business is at the forefront.

    We invite you to browse our portfolio, and view the vast amount of projects we proudly call our very best work. This body of work best displays our craft, particularly with shopping centers. Our shopping center construction projects are at the pinnacle of shopping center design. At RCS Construction, we partner with property owners and management companies to not only bring them the best built shopping center construction in the United States, but to achieve their vision in the process. We combine our expertise and knowledge of shopping center construction to bring you a facility that will appease your customers every sense, while maintaining your input and vision. With your collaboration, our professional process will bring you your shopping center promptly with meticulous detail and quality craftsmanship. Together with your business, we will create a shopping experience that is exquisite and relaxing for your customers.

    If you are a new business that is in the market and you are looking for a high-quality and affordable constructor, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a contact form below where we can answer any of your construction-related questions as soon as possible.

    Why Choose RCS Construction for Shopping Center Development?

    RCS Construction’s shopping center developers can help you build your shopping center development project into a structure that will support your needs. We walk with you from the pre-planning stage to pre-construction stage and make all the arrangements to design your structure and draw a correct estimate of the budget for your entire project. We are proficient in managing projects of commercial nature. High quality is a standard when working with RCS Construction. Going beyond the norm, we have the experience and reputation to build sturdy, long-lasting structures, with a strong foundation. Serving all throughout the United States, we dedicate to helping our community grow and prosper with our shopping center construction services.

    If you are a startup or an established company that’s looking for professional, skillful, and experienced contractors to create your next shopping center construction project plan, we believe you should work with us. We have a keen eye when it comes to commercial construction project planning by following the successive stages of modern construction. Our team will transform your ideas for your next construction building and bring them to life. We are very confident in our design and planning abilities. Whenever you have the time in your busy schedule to sit down with our contractors, we can discuss your building project ideas in more depth. This way, we at RCS Construction can see your vision and put together a design plan that will be very close to what you’re envisioning.

    When you are planning your project, you’ll need to consider which shopping center developers to hire. And by hiring a shopping center contractor, you benefit from their expertise and experience. When it comes to the selection of subcontractors and suppliers, you will have peace of mind knowing that the contractor is hiring the vendors and suppliers who have the right experience and can deliver what they promise. When you hire RCS Construction as your commercial general contractor, you are hiring experts in designing, building, and construction management. Contact us with any planning questions you have for the shopping center developers that you would love for us to answer. Let us design and plan your next masterpiece construction project today.